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Ligo Trading is committed to distributing high quality pet supplies, which include natural dry/wet pet food, snacks, supplements, skin-care and oral-care products, pet sheets, cat litter, pet toys and other pet-related products, from all over the world.


Quality and reputation have been our key to success. We strive to expand into different pet markets to carefully select high-quality pet products suppliers internationally. We aim at providing more choices, which are of excellent quality but reasonable prices, to retailers in the Hong Kong and South-East Asia market.


We represent about 30 premium brands around the world including partners across the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, China, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand and etc., hoping to provide customers with the latest and most complete choices.



力高貿易致力經營國際寵物用品批發及代理,產品範疇包括,寵物乾糧、濕糧、天然小食、補健品、皮膚護理、口腔護理、尿墊、貓砂、寵物玩具 及 其它寵物相關用品。




我們代理約30個來自世界各地的優質品牌,合作夥伴遍及美國、加拿大、英國、 法國、意大利、葡萄牙、斯洛伐克、中國、日本、台灣、新西蘭等。希望為顧客提供最新、最齊全的選擇。


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